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123 Travel Insurance UK offers a comprehensive guide to travel insurance online with online quotes for cheap, single, multi-trip, backpacker and annual travel insurance from leading UK insurance companies.

Top Travel Insurance Tips - What to look for in a policy

With so many different travel insurance policies out there it can be confusing. We recommend following the Consumers Association checklist when buying your travel insurance.

Does your travel insurance policy provide? 

Up to 2m worth of medical treatment
Up to 1m cover for personal liability
A 24-hour emergency help line
3,000 to 5,000 cancellation or curtailment cover
Up to 1,500 baggage and belongings cover
Up to 500 for lost or stolen money.
Membership of the financial ombudsman service 

Double Checking your Travel Insurance Policy

Once you've purchased your travel insurance policy, complete the following check points to ensure you are fully covered and no errors are present.  

In the instance that you feel you are not adequately covered, contact your insurer immediately to discuss your concerns.  Do not go away without checking that your policy meets your needs, otherwise you will not have a recourse to make any claims if necessary.

The Research Department for Consumer Affairs recommends the following when double checking your policy; make sure that:

It covers the whole period of travel.It covers all activities you intend to be involved with whilst on holiday.

    • Any medical conditions have been accepted and noted.

    • You know exactly what to do/who to contact in the event that making a claim is necessary.

    • You resolve any queries or uncertainties regarding the insurance policy before you leave the UK.

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