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    Tips for Preventing Crime whilst Travelling Abroad

Travelling abroad always poses a greater risk to yourself and your valuables, given that you are functioning in an unfamiliar environment. For this very reason, taking out a comprehensive travel insurance policy is vital to protect yourself from any potential mishaps.  

To help avoid the necessity for travel insurance claims, we have compiled a list of travel tips to make sure you stay safe while you're abroad:

Never leave valuables unattended, even in hotels.
Store all valuables and travel documents in the hotel safe or lockup.
Carry small amounts of cash for smaller purchases; use travellers cheques and credit cards for all other purchases where possible.
Do not venture into quiet or secluded areas if you feel you will be at risk.
Be wary of strangers approaching you for even seemingly innocent reasons.
Never keep your wallet in your back trouser pocket.
Keep all valuables in your hand luggage when travelling.
Carry a copy of all travel documents separate to the originals.
Check luggage for damage at the baggage reclaim.

Do not become over paranoid about the risk of theft, just be aware that you are likely to be a more obvious target and take the above sensible precautions to avoid becoming a target.


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